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Time of Sports Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , founded in 2014 by Yashraj Singh (Founder & CEO - Time Of Sports, In Country Coordinator - F1 in Schools™), a sports enthusiast-cum-entrepreneur and Mansi Banga (Co- founder, Mentor, Process & Deployment Consultant), a Business Analytics Professional from ISB, Hyderabad is an organization with a vision of a FIT Nation and a mission to create an ecosystem of SPORTS FOR ALL. With a population of over 100 Crore there lies a pool of hidden talent that is waiting to be tapped. Finding, grooming and creating champions is also in the charter of Time of Sports.
The company’s core values are: Trust & Respect | Observe & Absorb | Focus & Deliver.
Since inception, Time of Sports has provided high quality consultancy advice to the sports and fitness sector and delivered unique Proprietary Platforms like NCR Games, Corpwarriors, Indian Fitness Festival and many more. The company has introduced multiple programs and platforms to popularize sports as an important aspect among sports enthusiast in the country. Over the years, Time of sports has conceptualized, Consulted and Executed Sports Initiatives like sports days, leagues and marathons involving large corporate, RWA’s and schools as well. These services have also supported governmental agencies like DDA, National Dailies, national sports organizations, local sports clubs and institutions.

Time of Sports has also brought F1 in Schools™ to India. As F1 in Schools™ comes to India Time of Sports aspires to offer students a life changing experience. F1 in Schools™ is an international STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) competition for school children (aged 9–19), wherein groups of 3–6 students design and manufacture a miniature “car” out of the official F1 Model Block using CAD/CAM design tools. F1 in Schools™ is an internationally acclaimed brand associated with the Grand Prix. Time of Sports is privileged to have the support of the Formula One™ community – in particular Mr. Ecclestone and the new CEO Mr. Chase Carey at FOM and, of course, the Formula One™ teams who make our students welcome in the F1™ paddock and in their factories.
Yashraj Singh, CEO and Founder of Time of Sports: “We envisage to develop the youngest minds and sports stars in the fastest growing economy. We are constantly carving befitting Sports solutions and building a work group obsessed with quality and innovation. We are geared to be trailblazer of disruptive sports marketing concepts in Corporate and Grassroots Sports Initiatives. INDIA is emerging in the Business of Sports & we are at the opportune moment of this ERA.”

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